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  • Recycling of ammonia resources +

    ECO-Option uses ammonia for the production of ammonium sulphate, -nitrate and -phosphate for use in agricultural fertiliser. 
    We accept ammonia solutions in various strengths up to 34% from a number of manufacturing processes to treat acid resources. 

    All nitrogen derived from the ammonia resources is recycled for use in agricultural fertiliser. 

  • Recycling of ammonium salt resources +

    ECO-Option uses ammonium salts in solid and liquid form from various sources in the production of its agricultural fertilisers. 

    We accept ammonium -sulphate, -nitrate, -phosphate, -chloride and certain other ammonium salts in various strengths to treat and/or blend into our various internal fertiliser streams.
    We also process urea based products for nitrogen recovery. 

    ECO-Option also purchases certain by-product grade ammonium salts, depending on quality and volume, as well as distressed fertilisers from
    manufacture, shipping, storage and handling of solid fertilisers for use in our fertilisers.


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