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  • Recycling of sulphuric acid resources +


    ECO-Option operates a multi-stage production plant for the recycling of spent sulphuric acid from a wide variety of manufacturing processes.

    With an installed treatment capacity of 20,000 tpa, we are UK market leader and focus predominantly on higher strength acids up to 98%.
    Various production lines with differing configurations, allow us to accommodate a variety of resources and
    guarantee continuity during maintenance shutdowns.

    All sulphate derived from the spent sulphuric is recycled for use in agricultural fertiliser.

    We accept spent acid both in bulk and IBC's whilst maintaining the highest environmental and Health & Safety standards at all times.

    With clients from the UK and abroad, we are well versed in organising international shipment of hazardous goods as well as TransFrontier Shipment of Wastes procedures.

  • Recycling of nitric & phosphoric acid resources +

    Our main acid production plant runs additional campaigns processing nitric and phosphoric acid resources. 

    The resultant liquid ammonium nitrate and di-ammonium phosphate liquors are used futher in our production processes to produce bespoke liquid NPK formulations. 

  • Supply of by-product & virgin sulphuric acid +

    transport1ECO-Option supplies sulphuric acid for use in ammonia abatement and other production processes via its subsiduary KSC (Port Clarence) Limited.

    KSC is a long established manufacturer and supplier of industrial bulk acid, alkali & Specialty Chemical products to a variety of customers in the United Kingdom.

    KSC does not compromise on the safety, compliance and quality of our products & services and is committed to customer focus by providing a 24-hour telephone support line that is staffed by one of our team members.

    KSC tankers are equipped for compressor delivery into bulk storage tanks and are contineously monitored via GPS to ensure that up to date delivery information can be provided to our clients. Load sizes range from 10 to 29 tons. Professional ADR trained drivers competently handle all aspects of the delivery including delivery paperwork to ensure audit traceability. 

    Products Include:

    Sulphuric Acid 77
    Sulphuric Acid 96 
    Nitric Acid
    Hydrochloric Acid
    Sodium Hydroxide 27
    Sodium hydroxide 32
    Sodium Hydroxide 50
    Other Specialty Chemical Mixtures



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ECO-Option (UK) Limited
ECO-Option House, Lostock Works
off Griffiths Road, Northwich, CW9 7XU
Tel: +44 (0)1606 - 359 700